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Dr. Petroski
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Google and Project Glass

on Thu May 24, 2018 8:39 pm
To label Mountain View, California-based Google Inc. as a technology innovator is a bit of an understatement. Currently one of the most profitable technology companies of the twenty-first century, Google (NYSE: GOOG), and in particular the company’s X Lab, has earned a reputation for launching Internet-based technologies that make use of their search algorithms for any number of applications. A recent invention that is turning heads (pun intended) is Project Glass—an initiative to develop and distribute a wearable Web browser and streaming camera platform in an average-looking pair of eyeglasses. These glasses are capable of displaying information directly on the inside of both lenses and are designed to be operated with voice commands, displaying the same information that one would normally access on a smartphone or laptop computer.

What do you think the biggest obstacles are to the widespread adoption of this technology? How does communication play a role in whether or not this becomes something that everyone has? From a different perspective, how does the use of this kind of device change the ways in which we communicate?

Dr. Petroski
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Nasya Kampbell
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Re: Google and Project Glass

on Thu May 24, 2018 10:19 pm
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Dr. Petroski,

I believe I heard about this (through a video online). The first thing I thought was, that it was so "cool." I would love to have a pair! Correct me if I am wrong, but, can you blink purposefully and change the page(s) as well? I feel the biggest obstacles to the widespread of this technology would be to get people to start buying the product and getting use to it. Afterwards, this is going to place high levels of competition on the amount of purchased tablets, etc. People may not feel the need for them as much. (Although, some who like having gadgets will still buy other electronics anyway.) Communication will play a HUGE role in whether or not this is something everyone will start to want or even have. Honestly, this is my second time hearing about it, and I feel it is highly under-advertised. Advertising it in newspapers, magazines, on line and on social media cites, and in stores can be some ways to help it to gain a broader audience. I feel that the use in this kind of device may change the way we communicate. It may allow us to talk to each other about more topics, with more knowledge about them, presented to us right in the face (pun intended).
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Re: Google and Project Glass

on Fri May 25, 2018 12:31 am
There is a lot of technology now a days that come out that blow our minds, and make us realize that we do live in the future. However, we are many years away from designing things that we've all seen in movies. There are a ton of obstacles that these google glasses will have to overcome, not only in this country but worldwide. The biggest obstacle to the adoption of this technology I believe would be the necessity of this product. Computers and smartphones were musts, they allowed the average person to be able to see and read things at a much quicker speed for knowledge. However, these glasses seem more of an accessory, not so much as a necessity. With the limited need and demand for the product, then the value of the product goes down. Communication does play a big role in the rise or the fall of this product, press is good no matter whether its good or bad. Word of mouth from companies and influencers and loved ones will always influence the consumer to buy.
The use of this device will definitely change the way in which we communicate, it's another distraction. We all go out to eat and instead of enjoying the meal and the company, we have our heads down towards our phones. It will make it even harder to have a face to face conversation with someone, because we will be able to tell if their busy reading their email or actually making eye contact with us.
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Google and Project Glass

on Sat May 26, 2018 3:18 pm
I think that is a bad idea. To me smartwatches are a waste of money. Have we considered the factors of not everyone wants to walk around with a pair of glasses on their face. Consumers spend lots of money on Lasik eye surgery . Remember when you parents would say " Don't sit too close to the television or you will need glasses. Would this Project Glass effect the users eyesight? People in the world today are addicted to their smartphones . To have their phone on their eye is ridiculous .Several Americans have lost their lives from texting and driving . Imagine how many people would be distracted from information coming through on their Google Glasses.

Google Glass project

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:23 am
I definitely agree that this will only be another distraction to keep people from focusing. Google has some great ideas when it comes to modern technology, however, this little gadget of wearable technology is bound to cause a big fuss on how it will affect your eyesight. If I had to vote on this item it would be thumbs down for me.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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Project Glass

on Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:40 pm
Project glass is very interesting topic. Doing some research on the glasses, they are very cool and high tech. I think they would drastically change the way we comminucste becasue if everyone is wearing these glasses, you would able to see info about someone that walks about, for example their name would pop up. For everyone to wear these glasses is a very tricky tasks. I think just because not everyone wants to walk around with glasses on.
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Re: Google and Project Glass

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