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classcraft demo

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:59 pm
I played around with the teacher demo for a bit experimenting with a demo class. I found the tool really fun and could be great for a teacher who wants to add more fun into what might be the monotonous parts of teaching. It seems like a much more complex version of gradecraft in the way it gets students to get points and bring gaming to education . my biggest concern is a lot of the powers given out. School should be very egalitarian and if individual students can gain access to hints and other perks in class I feel It can upset the egalitarian nature of a classroom. I cycled through a lot of options for the classes and a lot of these powers seem like something a student can use to abuse to harass other students or “break”. I’m worried that like any other game some students would have more success meta gaming while others struggled . I would recommend to middle and high school kids for select classes that maybe require larger course loads so that they students feel encouraged to do all the work. I wouldn’t recommend this for higher education because at that point students should have learned the skills to motivate themselves. I do however contradict myself because I love gradecraft and wish to see it in some of my higher level courses that distribute a lot of different assignments at once. It really help motivate me to organized and do everything I need to do on time and with good quality since I wanted to visibly see my points go up. All in all I think this is fabulous tool that can really help gets kids into education and teach them the organizational skills to be not just reactive students but proactive students.
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