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web IQ results

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:37 pm

I got 10/12 on the quiz.

I was a little surprised on my result. I was expecting 11/12 and the answer I thought I got wrong was one I got right. I thought twitter was going to ne a trick question with the character amount. I knew it was 140 but many people have the 280 now so i was unsure if they meant the 280 answer. I got the question on moors law wrong and if understand how it escaped me for that question. my other wrong answer was on browsers. I thought Netscape came before mosaic. now I know I am wrong. the utility of this is that measuring the amount of online literacy is important. online communication requires a knowledge of the internet and how it can utilized for communication. our quiz results reflect that understanding and is a good gauge of the class.
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