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Brittania Reynolds
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Virtual Morality

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:42 am
I think that it is possible when it comes to reality and virtuality that there can be no separate morality, however, I would not say that this works for everyone. The experiment was tested in 2012 and I think they should do the same experiment and to include a punish and reward method for moral violations, then compare the test results. With today's society, the educational system has changed drastically as far as technology goes. There have been a few video games that I have been bothered by the content, such as horror/gory games. I have done something in a video game that I would never do in real life such as playing GTA, in the game I would ride a motorcycle and many fast cars and break traffic laws, but in real life, I would never be caught riding a motorcycle or running over people. A video game that seems to glorify moral violations could change the findings of the preceding study because the participants' decisions would be very different if they knew that they could commit a crime and get away with it.
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