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Why can't we just talk?

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:19 pm
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I'm relating this discussion to one of the earlier discussion we had spoken about : Is communication easy?, but it also perfectly ties into the other module : It's not you, It's me. We've become these technology dependent beings, we use it for just about everything; maps, calendars, step trackers, reading the news, photos, and especially with communicating with one another. It's been said time and time again that technology has brought us together with people from all over the world, but it has also distanced us with the people closest to us. We have become numb to empathy and have lost most of our manners when it comes to speaking with one another. We send each other emojis or memes about how we feel, instead of writing it out, or instead of calling each other with terrible news we just text it in acronyms. We find it easier to apologize over text, instead of giving the moment and circumstance the attention and intimacy it deserves. We break up with people over text, when we should take responsibility and confront the fears we have. The worst part about communicating through the phone is the chance that something gets misinterpreted or misunderstands the message and then the situation gets worse. We as humans don’t like being wrong, or being embarrassed, we don’t like admitting we failed or that we’re dumb. That is why it’s so hard to communicate, because none of us want to take the step forward anymore whether it’s with a friend, our significant other or with work, we have shied away from being incorrect.
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Re: Why can't we just talk?

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:12 am
Now that I have had some time to think about communication and its level of difficulties, I have to say that communication is and can be easy depending on how you were raised. I was always a social butterfly from what my mother told me and I was always cheery I would always say hello to people whenever my mom and I went to the grocery store. Sure we text instead of talk nowadays, but that is how our society is now, for example, Trump tweets alot instead of actually saying what he wants to the person (maybe he is a coward?), but we text because it is a comfort zone for us. We have gotten into the habit of texting instead of talking because of all the advancements we have had over the years with our technology. So, if parents are giving their five-year-old children an iPad then yes it will stunt their ability to communicate with others, but if they limit their time with the iPad and have them play outside there is still a chance for them to learn how to communicate with others.
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