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Bringing video games into the classroom

on Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:46 pm
Classcraft is an interactive and game-like tool that teachers can use in their classrooms so students can learn; classroom behavior and to also pick up good educational habits. Classroom behavior management such as; coming on time, answering questions, listening, and it also helps students communicate with each other and learn about team work. The service is designed just like a video game to keep the interest of the students; they are able to make their own characters and then are given quests to gain points, and when they do something wrong in class they lose points as well. It does seem like more a video game because of the graphics a game like feel, but the actions that the students do in class affects the life of their character. It’s all very intriguing, and amazing to see that this is just another tool that teachers are using to keep up with their students. Students now live in a digitalized world; they have smart boards, have their school information sent directly to their parents, there are coding and computing classes, and now there are services like Classcraft.
My only concerns are that this service seems to be extremely time consuming to the teachers and give teachers more work than they bargained for. I think the program would be better if there were assignments online that would tie the game and their school work together; just like online courses in college do. There is also the downfall that to do more, you need to pay, and teachers already pay for everything else in their classrooms and this doesn’t seem necessary to spend money on. Lastly, as much joy and excitement this would bring younger student, I don’t believe this is necessary in high school or college. It would seem very irrelevant and would be a waste a time on the teacher’s behalf, I would not endorse this to college professors, it just doesn’t seem something that would motivate students at all because it seems childish.
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