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Ryan Shalagan
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What Time is It?

on Thu May 31, 2018 4:59 pm
My life without the concept of time would be great impacted in a negative way. I say this because my whole life is based around the concept of time. In the summer I wake up at 6am to eat and get ready to head to work for 7am. Once I’m there I end work at 5pm. I head home and begin finishing up any homework I still haven’t done and then I get ready to hang out with friends or family. The concept of time allows us to organize our time in order for us to be productive throughout the day. For my work schedule I know I have 10 hours sectioned off for that one task, which leaves me with about 7 more hours to do as I please after work. The concept of time also allows us to track our productivity. Let’s say I plant 2 acres tomatoes during work one day, but the next day I plant 3 acres within that 10-hour workday. I can now say that I was more productive on the second day using the concept of time. Before the concept of time was thought of we were never able to compare what we accomplished day to day accurately.
Another way my life would change if there was no concept of time would be not having any world records in sporting events such as track or cross country. The world records within these two sports are all based on times. Every runner around the world runs the same distance in that event and the runners are able to compare their results with other runners based on time. Without the concept of time there would be no way to compare the runners results if they were not in the same race. I believe that the concept of time has positively impacted our lives for the better.

Concept of time response

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:37 am
The concept of time is an important part of most of our lives. We can choose to either waste it, save it, or spend it. But there will never be enough time in a day to do what it is we want to do. I did a little research only to find out that 34% of people feel as if they are rushed all the time while 61% believe they never have enough time. I recall leisure time being a time when you could do as you please nowadays I find my leisure time completing homework task or tidying up around the house but nothing that I want to for myself. lol I have learned through reading the posts that the problem with "time" is not that we do not have it available to us but we do not know how to properly manage that time that we have. I enjoyed reading your posts, thanks for sharing.
Nasya Kampbell
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Re: What Time is It?

on Wed Jun 20, 2018 4:46 pm
What would life be like without the concept of time? I feel that there would be less rest, and therefore more accidents, and "stupid situations" that could be prevented. More people would waste more time, (more than they already do) and there would be no schedule of any sort. This would also effect businesses, schools, colleges, home life, careers, the military, etc. More people would be getting less done because there was no sense of time and there would be no sense of duty either. I also totally agree with you Ryan, about sporting events not having world records. There would be no times (how long it took for an athlete to complete the sport) or when it started/ ended. The concept of time has impacted our lives for the better, as it should. However, I disagree that we can save it. Time will pass by whether it is being used or not, and it cannot be bought or stolen back. It is true, however, that people lack time management. I feel this is something even the most organized of people can still practice so that it is not lost.
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Re: What Time is It?

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