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Sean Geisman

Developing a New Picture

on Thu May 31, 2018 4:27 pm
I believe the transformation of the camera into sleeker, smaller, digital models helped form the need to take an excessive number of pictures. This was because they were so compact and had seemingly endless amounts of storage. You could take hundreds of photos, dump them onto a hard drive, and proceed to take hundreds more. This need then morphed into camera phones, which in turn birthed this line of communication that revolves around pictures. Instagram may be the most utilized social media platform, and its sole purpose is to share pictures. Had there never been a leap from Polaroids to digital cameras, this line of communication may have never existed. Now you will be hard pressed to see someone take a picture with a digital camera, because they have a high-resolution camera on their phone. Just because phones took the place of cameras in most people’s lives, does not mean that technology “lost”. It helped innovate a new way to communicate with one another, and laid the foundation to most of the technology you see today.
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