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when the Onion was a Repuatble source

on Wed May 30, 2018 9:45 pm
I Try my best to look for fair reputable sources on the news. as a political addict my phone has a dozen news apps, eight magazines, and two newspaper subscriptions. Though I haven’t always been a stickler for solid fact checking. When I was 20(ish) I was starting to have a political awaking as well as an awaking in very assertive atheism. I didn’t grow up in a household, that watched the news so I don’t have a good grasp on hat news was trustworthy, fake, or satire.

While on Facebook I discovered an article saying that Pope Benedict had come out as gay and wants to spread gay marriage across the church. The source was the onion and without questioning I accepted this as fact and showed to my very homophobic and catholic parents hoping to get a rise out of them and push my more liberal values onto them. I then posted the article on Facebook and received many comments calling it satire. I didn’t believe them and in fact I never accepted the truth until many months later when I learned the Onion was a satire publication. Sadly I couldn’t find this article in their archives but I can be sure its from three because embarrassingly enough I got a Facebook time hop for this post not too long ago.
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