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Who's running who?

on Fri May 25, 2018 3:50 pm
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The Question of time has been one that's been asked for years, whether time is defining us or whether we define time by our actions. Time is a man-made concept, one that has changed the way we see life, whether its our own or the whole world. Our Ancestors did not have planners, calendars ( some did, but not the same concept as ours) they didn't set reminders or plan ahead of time. They let nature dictate their way of living; whether animals were hibernating or whether the plants and crops were in season, whether the sun was hot enough; those were the things that they cared about and lived their lives around. It wasn't so much that these things ran the show, but it was somewhat of a guidance for their way of life. Now a days we are over scheduled, over planned and over stressed about timelines and due dates for everything. There are of course a positive and a negative to everything; time has benefited so much in just about everything. However, time has also brought on stress and disappointment in every aspect of life as well; missing a due dates, forgetting about an event being of being over scheduled and so on. Life would be completely didn't if there was no sense of time; As a society we would be lost and confused as to when to get things done or when events will be. School wise, students and teachers would be aggravated to when assignments should be completed so then teachers would be able to grade, when one would be finished with their studies and graduate would be another issue. In Society it would be difficult to come up with hours for a business, or when due dates for both work and pregnancies would be. I believe we would, as a society, go back to doing things like our ancestors did, but it would be tremendously hard.

Concept of time response

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:23 am
I like the way you twisted my thinking lol :-)
I agree that stress is definitely a part of our everyday life, and we can take both positive and negative thoughts from it daily. It is very important that we manage our time wisely and effectively before it decreases our quality of life. I recently found myself in a situation with classwork, where I allowed it to get piled up and now I am stressing out trying to play catch up. The concept of time is basically being able to manage and balance at the same time. Many people are overwhelmed with the idea of time because there's nothing you can do without it. We utilize it for work, school, and leisure activities. Thanks for sharing!
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