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Brittania Reynolds
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Communication can be Difficult to Grasp

on Thu May 24, 2018 11:14 pm
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What I see as the central obstacles to good communication are certain personality traits. For example, ignorance and arrogance can prevent people from having a good conversation and mostly causes relationships to end. Some people feel strongly about their opinions and will argue until the other person sees their point of view, instead of agreeing to disagree. People are immediately ready to talk and boast their voices over everyone else’s, yet they aren’t willing to listen to one another. Everyone wants to feel and be prideful, but sometimes we have to let our humility take over and accept that maybe we’re wrong. Lacking perseverance and patience are also central obstacles. Everyone has different styles to communicate, such as their body language and tone, and it will take time and sometimes dedication to understand that person’s style.

Communication is difficult to grasp response

on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:13 am
I respect your position in regards to ignorance and arrogance. Ignorance means someone does not know something, while arrogance means that they think they know it all. I love healthy debates where one can "agree to disagree" but we do not need to be disrespectful when one is vocalizing their opinion and views. Viewing it from another perspective as you have stated is looking into the personality trait. Arrogance is definitely the worst form of ignorance in my opinion because it does not matter how hard you try to make an arrogant person see the brighter side of things, their ignorance will almost always supersede. Good post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.
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