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Discussion Board Set-up

on Thu May 24, 2018 10:13 pm
The discussion board is arranged so that major categories are listed on the home page. The Modules and Explorations have their own categories. Within those categories are the forums related to a major issue in the class. When you click on the forum there will be a topic posted that should be labeled "Sticky" sticks to the top of the list of forum topics. That sticky topic is the one that I posted and will usually end up with a question or activity that I ask you to respond two. When you want to make a post, you can...

  • Reply directly to my "sticky" post
  • Create a new topic to generate new conversation (but it should be related to the forum's overall subject)
  • Reply to a topic created by someone else in class

For Modules 1 and 2, everything is open...though you do have to make a post to at least one topic in each of those categories. If you respond to more than one topic for a category, it earns you additional points on GradeCraft.

For Modules 3 through 6, I'm asking each person in the team to create a new topic for the Module Group forum. Everyone else in the class should respond to at least one of these topics.

If you have questions about can reply directly to this post.

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